WSI Innovation Challenge
We Solve The Impossible”
Think out of the box and partner with a leading business to solve
the key challenges of our industry. Every six months we post a
new challenge related to our industry and look for new concepts
and ideas to invest on. You have the opportunity to win cash
prizes and may get a free co-working space in WSI office to
develop and commercialize your idea. Our experts in WSI
will support you with,
• Technical challenges
• Production validation
• Strategic investment
• Customer connections

WSI Innovation Fund
We Support Ideas”
Do you have a great idea or innovative technology? We welcome any
idea that help us improve our performance or develop new products.
We deeply believe in our young talents and work with student teams,
research institutes and universities. From engineering to law &
economics, no matter what discipline you are specialized in, Talk To Us!
Apply Here

WSI Innovation Fellows
We Serve Iran”
The WSI Innovation Fellows program recognizes aspiring scholars in the
fields of drilling equipment, HPHT instruments, artificial intelligence and
data visualization. The award was established to encourage scholarship
and research in the areas that can help our industry to improve
performance, lower costs, increase accuracy and provide new research
and business insights.