Directional Drilling Trajectory control in directional drilling

Directional drilling is the science of deviating a wellbore along a planned path to a target located a given lateral distance and direction from vertical. This includes drilling as vertically as possible from a given TVD.

WSI offers expert directional drillers and proven technologies to provide the trajectory control needed to drill the well correctly, the high-quality hole required to successfully run and cement casing, and the precise well placement to optimize production and maximize recovery. WSI LWD and MWD services deliver high-quality data to enable time-critical decisions for accurate drilling of extended-reach, horizontal, vertical, and complex directional wells and sidetracks.


Expertise and leading drilling technologies support every phase of well design, planning, and operations. The scope encompasses offset well analysis and design of the well, BHA, fluids systems, and data acquisition program through to drilling performance monitoring and optimization in real time.

Drilling Engineering Services Optimal drilling system to execute your well plan

drilling Engineering Services Optimal drillingAdvanced software (Drilling Office)and technology are used to engineer drilling fluids and the drillstring for enhancing hole cleaning and wellbore stability, maximizing ROP and daily footage, and minimizing damaging vibrations. Hole quality improves and equipment life increases. Analysis of surge and swab pressures enables suitable tripping schedules to be defined, while survey optimization services help minimize well placement uncertainty.

Engineered Drillstring Design

Advanced simulations engineer the optimal drilling assembly for any given application, including drill-bit designs that account for each element of the BHA .


Powerful suite of programs to evaluate and design wellbore hydraulics under simulated downhole conditions, ensuring effective management of equivalent circulating density (ECD) and equivalent static density (ESD).

Drilling Mud Motors
Positive displacement mud motors for any hole size

Drilling Mud MotorsWSI offers a wide variety of PowerPak positive displacement mud motors to meet the challenges of any hole size or drilling operation. Choose a motor for under-balanced drilling, directional capabilities, abrasive formations, and other applications.

Higher torque for a smoother toolface

The PowerPak GT(Hard Rubber) high-performance motor delivers more than twice the torque output of conventional motors using even rubber power section technology, allowing more of the hydraulic horsepower generated by mud flow to be converted to available bit torque. Higher differential pressures allow using aggressive bits to their full potential, and the higher torque results in a smoother toolface when sliding for more time on bottom drilling, not off-bottom reorienting.

Lower pressure drop per stage of power section

Lower pressure drop per stage of power sectionThe PowerPak GT motor is designed to drill faster than conventional power sections. It has a lower pressure drop per stage of power section, making it the most reliable choice for additional demands placed on the power section during performance drilling operations.
Performance and reliability make shoe-to-shoe drilling more feasible than ever before. With a wide range of sizes, this motor represents a step change in performance for most drilling applications.

Measurements While Drilling (MWD)
Continuous D&I, Toolface, and Gamma Ray

Measurements While Drilling

SlimPulse third-generation slim MWD tool gives you direction, inclination, toolface, and gamma ray real-time measurements for mud pulse telemetry.

Continuous direction and inclination (D&I) measurements are made while rotating to facilitate trajectory control and reduce stationary measurements. Telemetry data automatically switches between a “sliding frame” and a “rotating frame” to optimize update rates for improved trajectory control.

Retrievable and replaceable for reduced lost-in-hole exposure

The entire tool is fully retrievable and replaceable, which saves rig time by eliminating pipe trips for directional equipment.

The SlimPulse service is coupled with a new surface system of reduced hardware and manpower requirements to create the DD Direct acquisition system for the high-volume drilling market. This is an efficient and reliable D&I service requiring minimal installation time and footprint size. This expedites the time required to install directional services by removing unnecessary and cumbersome hardware at the wellsite.

The combination of SlimPulse and AIM at-bit inclination measurement tool gives you precise trajectory control in hole sizes as small as 5 7/8 in. Plus, you can maintain the retrievability of the SlimPulse MWD system. The service offers inclination data within 1 ft of the bit. This information is transmitted through electromagnetic telemetry to an integrated receiver sub positioned above the down-hole motor.

Logging While Drilling (LWD)

Advanced LWD services acquire high-quality data for geosteering and formation evaluation in realti-time. Increase ROP, improve wellbore stability and hole quality, and optimize well placement for rmaximum production.

Well Placement

Geosteer and geostop with real-time LWD data to improve well positioning, increase ROP, maximize reservoir exposure and enhance production.

Petrophysics While Drilling

Evaluate lithology, porosity, saturation and permeability properties while drilling to facilitate timely, informed decisions.

Geology While Drilling

Inform drilling decisions with high-resolution, real-time imaging to identify formation structure, faults, and fractures.

Reservoir Engineering While Drilling

Reservoir Engineering While DrillingMeasure formation pressure while drilling to accurately model the dynamic reservoir pressure and target productive zones.