Data and Consulting Services

Petrophysics Services

  • Log Planning
  • Real-time Monitoring & QC
  • Quick Look Interpretations
  • Interpretations & Report
  • Formation Evaluations & Analysis
  • Integrated Jobs (core- Prod-logs)
  • Static Reservoir Modeling (ELAN)
  • Cased hole Analysis (ABC)
  • Well Integrity (Casing & Cement )

Reservoir Services (PSP & MDT)

  • Completion Performance Evaluation
  • Diagnose Well Problems
  • Monitor Reservoir Performance & Variations

Sampling Applications:

Sampling Applications

  • Oil/Water Fraction
  • Fluid Type
  • Resistivity
  • Low Shock Sampling

Geomechanics Services

Support drilling operations through building 1D
Mechanical Earth Model (MEM)

  • Providing general safe mud window and recommendation for planned trajectories.
  • Root causing NPT through drilling and optimizing drilling parameters, bit design and drilling fluids properties
  • Advise clients on drilling, stimulation, and sanding issues.
  • Constructing 3D Geomechanical model.

Seismic Interpretation and Depth Conversion

  • Seismic Inversion (Post-Stack and Pre-Stack)
  • Seismic Reservoir Characterization
  • Static Reservoir Modeling and Study
  • Dynamic Reservoir Modeling and Study
  • 1D, 2D and 3D Petroleum System Modeling and Basin Modeling
  • Geomechanical Modeling
  • Field Master Development Plan (MDP) Preparation and Assessment

Data & Consultancy Services Values

Geology Interpretation Services

Our borehole imaging services give you micro-resistivity formation images in both water-base and non-conductive muds.

Borehole Seismic

Borehole SeismicWSI is using the latest technology in data gathering, data processing and interpretation of borehole seismic and vertical seismic profiling (VSP) and acting as a market leader in this domain.

Petroleum System Modeling

Petroleum System ModelingWSI is unique company in Petroleum System and Basin Modeling domain in the market. WSI is using the most advanced Schlumberger Petro-Mod technology for Petroleum System Modeling and Basin Modeling. Petroleum system modeling is a critical key in exploration success and risk reduction.

WSI is also able to provide different laboratory tests required for geochemical analysis for petroleum system modeling. WSI has valuable experiences in Petroleum System Modeling especially in Central Iran and offshore Iran.

As the petroleum system modeling is a multidisciplinary study, this knowledge is a valuable factor that can help us for other consultancy project. Most important available services in this domain could be summarized as:

  • 1D, 2D And3D Petroleum System Modeling in Different Domains.
  • 2D And 3D Structural Reconstruction and Back Stripping.
  • Play To Prospect Evaluation
  • Prospect Ranking.
  • Prospect Charge, Reservoir and Seal Risk
  • Assessment.
  • Hydrocarbon Tracing
  • Geochemical Laboratory Tests
  • Exploration Block Assessment
  • Structural Geology And Tectonic Assessment