Testing Services (Surface & Downhole)

Testing Services

Testing Services (Surface & Downhole)We offer the broadest range of testing and measurement services available, from exploration and appraisal through development to production. Downhole or at the surface, get answers to questions about productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure, and temperature.

Surface Testing: With a wide variety of surface well testing equipment available for exploration and appraisal operations through development and production campaigns, Schlumberger has the technology and the expertise to acquire accurate and reliable surface well test measurements during each phase of the field development while meeting the most stringent HSE regulations in complex conditions and challenging environments.

Downhole Testing

Downhole TestingWe’ve designed downhole testing jobs to achieve test objectives economically. Whether your goal is to determine reservoir pressure, permeability, skin, or productivity, our downhole technology delivers the right answers. Accurate downhole pressure measurements, even under very hostile conditions, increase your confidence in reservoir characterization. Flexibility in downhole tool design gives you reservoir information from multiple zones on the same test, saving rig time and allowing you to update your reservoir model sooner.

Downhole Pressure Measurement

Downhole Pressure MeasurementReliable, sensitive downhole recorders obtain precise pressure data in a wide range of environments and allow highly accurate interpretations of that data.

Downhole & Surface Sampling

Downhole & Surface SamplingRecover formation fluid samples at reservoir conditions with a suite of pressure-compensating equipment that allows controlled, uncontaminated sampling without flashing. Also determine the amount of liquid carryover in the separator gas line when conditions are stable and separation efficiency is poor.