Optimize production through reservoir pressure measurement and fluid sampling and analysis


Understanding your reservoir’s fluid content and behavior is critical—from the first exploratory well to implementing enhanced oil recovery. The answers lie in measuring reservoir pressure, conducting downhole fluid analysis (DFA), and collecting fluid samples for laboratory PVT analysis.

Understand and predict reservoir dynamics

From drilling onward, managing risk and targeting productive zones relies on accurate, representative data and multidisciplinary interpretation expertise to account for the many factors involved, such as compartmentalization. It takes direct measurements obtained through sampling and testing to realistically model the dynamic reservoir system for efficient, effective production.


Reservoir Engineering with Wireline Services

LWD Services

Interpretation Services

Better determine reservoir continuity across your field by working with a team of petrotechnical experts who provide prejob planning, real-time support, and postjob evaluation.


Reservoir Laboratory Services

Meet a variety of reservoir rock and fluids challenges with the help of dedicated laboratory teams delivering trusted, research-quality, integrated analysis services that help you make critical decisions.