Wireline Conveyance

Integrated wireline systems for reliable, efficient conveyance


Increasingly complex well geometries and extended well depths present a growing challenge for conveyance. Deep and highly deviated wells that pose safety and logistics concerns or that were not previously wireline accessible especially benefit from using an integrated wireline conveyance system. The integration of all conveyance components—from the surface equipment through the cable—enables wireline conveyance in wells where conventional drillpipe or coiled tubing conveyance was previously the default approach.

Optimal conveyance components and configurations

To ensure that operating challenges are met, the advanced Well Conveyance Planner forecasts logging tensions, provides design recommendations, and determines the associated risk to configure the integrated conveyance system for the specific well environment. The traditional limitations of wireline logging conveyance are engineered out to enable the full data acquisition necessary for reservoir characterization and informed decision making.